Tollcross Park Children’s Farm

We took daddy along to Tollcross Park Children’s Farm this afternoon. The little lady loved it. I wasn’t surprised – she’s a huge fan of anything fluffy or feathery.

The children’s farm is pretty small. There were a lot of chickens, a couple of pigs and some rabbits. I’m sure we must have gone just at the wrong time, because some of the paddocks were empty and I think the animals were being taken out to the fields nearby.

It’s good for a runaround for a toddler, but I doubt it would entertain an older kid for more than about 15 minutes.

The Verdict

It’s mostly chickens. There are a couple of other farmyard animals and if you live nearby it’s something to do of an afternoon. Tollcross Park itself has beautiful rose gardens and is nice for a wander round. But if I were going to travel to see some animals, I’d travel somewhere else.

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