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Children’s Exhibition at Tramway

The kids had such good fun at the Children’s Exhibition at Tramway. It isn’t massive, but we spent about an hour there and could easily have been there longer. The exhibits are fully interactive and the plasticine in particular gives a perpetually changing landscape to play with and mould, which both my kids really enjoyed. It’s free as well, which is always a bonus during the school holidays!

Cocoa Bean Tots Workshops

I took the little lady along to Cocoa Bean Braehead as a little treat a while back. I’d seen some advertising for their pre-schooler sessions, and knowing how much the little lady likes chocolate (which is almost as much as her mummy) I was pretty sure she’d enjoy it.

Cafe Ceramico

Cafe Ceramico is a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon with kids. It kept a pair of toddlers occupied for a good 3 hours. Well worth the trip out to East Kilbride.