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Since the forecast is pretty chilly as far the eye can see, I thought I’d write about a few fun, indoor places we love. First up is one of our favourites for some sweaty bouncing: Inflatanation. This full warehouse down in Kinning Park is basically one big bouncy castle. There’s a massive ball bit (currently …

Briarlands Farm

Briarlands Farm is a great place for a run around, for jumping and climbing, for letting off some steam and for meeting cute animals. The tearoom at Briarlands is lovely too (their giant custard creams are absolutely amazing). It has a wee indoor play area with lots of toys where the kids can play while you finish your cuppa! It’s also reasonably priced for entry.

New Lanark & Falls of Clyde

New Lanark is a great day out whether you want to spend it indoors or outdoors. The Annie McLeod Experience is something fun and unusual for a rainy day, and the Falls of Clyde Reserve is a lovely place for a walk.

Lollipop Land

We’d heard good things about Lollipop Land soft play in East Kilbride so we thought we’d check it out. It’s located in PlaySport, the same leisure precinct as Air Space, but once you’ve turned off the main road it’s really unclear where you’re supposed to go. There are no signs for it anywhere until you …

Adventure Planet (again)

We had so much fun at Adventure Planet this afternoon that I had to write a little bit about it. I wrote a review not too long ago, so I’m not doing another one just yet! But the slides are still the slidiest. And there’s still hundreds of them.

The slides are waaay too fast for the little lady to go up by herself (she can’t even do the one in the 0-3 bit without cracking her head) so I was up in there with her the entire time. Don’t think I need to go that run tonight now. Exhausted.

You can find my previous full review of Adventure Planet here.

Play Kingdom

We were over near The Forge recently and decided to check out Play Kingdom soft play while we were around. (I’ve managed to delete and lose all but one of my photos from this soft play. Apologies). The Play Area The main play area is a reasonable size. There are a few levels for them …

Wonderworld Soft Play

Wonderworld Soft Play in Kinning Park is one of our other second homes (after the science centre & the park). It’s where we go if we’re at a loose end. In fact, it’s probably my favourite soft play area in Glasgow. We were back a few days ago and I realised I have never written about it. (I was sure I had. Baby brain strikes again).

Wonderworld Soft Play

The Play Area

It’s huge. Seriously. Last week we ended up in a bit we’ve never been in before. And we’ve been here, a lot.

The main play frame has at least 3 big, fast slides (one of which is almost vertical) plus those twisty tunnel slides that it’s impossible to get down with a toddler. There’s a big area to run around in over 3 levels, a bunch of trampolines, foam ball shooters, bridges & probably loads other stuff that we haven’t found yet. The slides in the main area are too fast & too big for the little lady to go by herself yet (as are the other children).

The toddler area is one of the best we’ve played in. It’s big enough for the little lady (who’s 22 months) to happily play in for a while, and she’ll go up the play frame & down the slide by herself. There’s a decent sized ball pool (big enough for a random 6ish year old to hide in & make you kack your pants when they leap out at you making zombie noises), some cars & a good bit of floor space with soft blocks etc to keep the very littles happy.

Wonderworld Soft Play Glasgow

There’s also a go-kart track and a football pitch. And over the other side of the massive warehouse room there’s another slide that looks like a volcano. The little lady is way too small for it, but there are kids crawling up it & rolling down it constantly. Looks fun.

The Cafe

The food is pretty standard for soft play. But they have a Starbucks inside which is a winner for me; you can’t beat a chai tea latte. They also have a pretty good cake selection.

When you walk in there’s an ocean of tables and chairs facing you. I’ve never had a problem getting a table (although we usually avoid peak times so I can’t speak for what it’s like on weekends & in really busy periods).

The Cost

It’s free for under 1’s at any time. It costs £4 for under 3’s & £5.50 for over 3’s off-peak. They get unlimited play. It’s a bit more expensive at peak times (£5.50 & £6.95) for 2 hrs play.

The Verdict

It’s huge and there’s loads to keep kids (young and old) entertained. They have regular toddler mornings on Tuesday’s with entertainment which are pretty good. And like I said before, chai tea lattes.

Wonderworld is at 99 Middlesex St, Glasgow, G41 1EE.

Play Town Soft Play

We took a wee trip out to Bishopbriggs to meet a lovely mummy & toddler friend last week, and thought we’d all check out Play Town Soft Play whilst we were there.


The Play Area

The baby/toddler area is pretty good. There’s a little ball pool, quite a few toys, a soft see-saw & an area to clamber up & round to get to the slide. It’s easy enough for a toddler to get round, and there are plenty toys to entertain a tiny tot too.

The main play frame is great. There are 3 levels with bits to freely run around and a couple of slides, one of which ends in a big ball pool. There’s also a mini flying fox & quite a few different bits to climb around.


This was the first time my little lady ever wanted to play by herself in a soft play area :’-( so it gave me a slightly different perspective than I’ve had before. (I know, I’m becoming ever more obsolete with each passing day.) Anyway, the play frame is not huge, but a toddler (well, most toddlers – at least ones who haven’t the climbing abilities of Spiderman) can run around the different levels without getting to the big slides. That meant I could sit and have a chat, obviously whilst paying attention. It also meant that I could actually unclench a little and let her run around without worrying too much.


It was quiet when we were there. But it was a midweek morning when schools were in so that’s not surprising!

The Food

The food is pretty standard soft play food – there’s sandwiches, toasties, paninis, potatoes, soup… The usual suspects. The kids menu is not what I’d like to see, but I say the same thing about pretty much every soft play we go to. We had a panini, which actually was quite nice. It’s pretty reasonably priced too.


The Cost

It was £3.50 entry for us. It’s £4.50 for kids ages 4+ and £1 for babies up to age 1.

The Verdict

It was the perfect soft play for the toddler at this age (21 months). It was clean & the staff were friendly. I actually really liked it, and so did my little lady!

Play Town Soft Play is at 30 Wellington Road, Bishopbriggs

Sporty Kidz Thornliebank

We met a friend at Sporty Kidz soft play over in the South Side the other day. Having been to the one in Maryhill (and thinking it was great) I thought that the Spiersbridge Rd Sporty Kids would be much the same. Well, it was and it wasn’t… The Play Area The first thing I …

Whale of a Time

The little lady and I took her Auntie to her first ever soft play the other day to let both of them have a run around! We took a trip to Whale Of A Time in Shawlands to try it out. The play area The toddler area is great. There’s a ball pool, a bunch …

Adventure Planet

We met up with some family in Adventure Planet soft play this morning, in Cumbernauld. (Soft play is a surprisingly good way to do Christmas visits when you’ve all got kids!) The play area The toddler area is a nice mini version of a big soft play, with some soft see-saws & a wee ball pool. …

Garscube Community Playrooms

What a fantastic facility! We tried the Playrooms out for the first time yesterday and my little lady LOVED it. There are 3 rooms: the first has lots of tables for lunching, drawing, playing with dinosaurs amongst oh so many other things; the second contains lots of ride-on cars, dollies, buggies, a play house, building …