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Flip Out

We went along to check out the new inflatable play area at Flip Out Glasgow as a wee after school treat the other day. There are a ridiculous number of things to bounce on and we had so much fun. All of us!

Flip Out Mini Flippers

We all really enjoyed the Mini Flippers session at Flip Out. I think you forget as an adult how much fun jumping actually is! The kids had an absolute blast and we were all exhausted by the end. At £4 per person for almost unlimited time it’s great value too. Flip Out is definitely our favourite trampoline place in Glasgow so far!

Toddler Trampolining at Ryze Glasgow

We’ve now been a couple of times to Ryze KidJump for some jumpy toddler trampolining fun. A friend had told us about it and I just knew that the little lady would love it; she is, as I imagine most toddlers are, a huge fan of jumping! One of our little friends came along too …