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Sand Pit Play in Condorrat

We went along to the indoor sand pit at Craigend Nursery & Coffee Shop in Condorrat last week. Great fun & lovely cafe!

Palacerigg Country Park

We braved the Scottish summer and went to Palacerigg Country Park. Nice little childrens farm and good swing park. Nice walk for dogs. Great little day out.

Adventure Planet (again)

We had so much fun at Adventure Planet this afternoon that I had to write a little bit about it. I wrote a review not too long ago, so I’m not doing another one just yet! But the slides are still the slidiest. And there’s still hundreds of them.

The slides are waaay too fast for the little lady to go up by herself (she can’t even do the one in the 0-3 bit without cracking her head) so I was up in there with her the entire time. Don’t think I need to go that run tonight now. Exhausted.

You can find my previous full review of Adventure Planet here.

Adventure Planet

We met up with some family in Adventure Planet soft play this morning, in Cumbernauld. (Soft play is a surprisingly good way to do Christmas visits when you’ve all got kids!) The play area The toddler area is a nice mini version of a big soft play, with some soft see-saws & a wee ball pool. …