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Things To Do In Glasgow In Springtime!

We’ve been enjoying lots of time outdoors lately which has inspired me to make a little list of things to do with kids this spring. I’m going to use it as a little bucket list for the next couple of months. I hope it’s useful for you too!

Cuningar Loop

Cuningar Loop is a really pretty park, and will be even prettier as it continues to grow. The whole place is one big adventure, and there is tons to do. My kids adore it here. It’s well worth a visit!

Free Wheel North

We made the most of the dry weather yesterday & headed to Free Wheel North at Glasgow Green for a shot of the balance bikes…

Some Triking at Free Wheel North

We checked out Free Wheel North recently. Most people I speak to haven’t heard of it, but it’s a fantastic charity run cycling centre down at Glasgow Green next to the big sandy playpark & climbing frames across from the templeton building. If you’ve been down there you’ve probably seen it; you just didn’t know …

Our First Cycle!

Cycling. It’s a free activity. Once you’ve bought a bike, a bike seat, a lock for your bike, a helmet… We had our first solo cycle this morning (by solo I mean without daddy to help us). We only went along to our regular music class and back again; a long enough journey to make …