The Formalities

Photographs. All photographs are my own unless otherwise stated.

Writing. All material is copyright of Lynn and Glasgow With Kids.

Reviews. Some kind folk seem to quite like to invite us along to their events, cafes, restaurants, kids activities & experiences and to send the kids and I things to eat, wear & use. You might see mentions of these things here and there, and we may even go all out and do a full review. But please be aware that my policy is 100% honesty. Always. I will plainly mention and identify any products sent to me for review. However I will only feature relevant experiences, events, brands etc. that I think will appeal to my readers. I won’t feature anything on the blog that I am not interested in myself (or that the kids aren’t interested in).

Links and credits. As our own parents hopefully taught us, stealing is wrong. It’s only good manners to link back and credit fellow bloggers, mummies & wanderers. Nobody likes a blog burglar.

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