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Something for a Sunday…

Something for a Sunday…

Almost the exact post-breakfast conversation the little lady & I had last weekend.

Saying goodbye without distracting

The little lady gets so upset when saying goodbye to the folks she loves. I do usually just distract her but this is an interesting alternative that will probably serve her better in the long run.

5 Things Breastfeeding Advocates Need To Stop Doing

I breastfed my little lady for a year. And I loved breastfeeding. It was so convenient. It worked for me and my little lady. And I support anyone who wants to feed their baby in whatever way they want to, anywhere they want to. But I do think that some people just need to chill out sometimes.

A Letter To The Mom At The Waterpark

This resonated with me.

Years ago, I used to not do stuff because I wasn’t happy with how I looked. Having a baby freed me from that quite a lot. Partly because I’m so aware that I’m her role model, and I really want to be a positive one in any way I can.

I do care a lot less what others think now, and I also realise that most people don’t give a crap how I look.

But I still have those days sometimes. I’m sure most of us do…

How Life Changes After Pregnancy

I remember my mum trying to tell me what it’s like to have kids. She couldn’t, because I couldn’t imagine, understand or even nearly comprehend what it’s like to have a child.

This is really lovely. It’s the best explanation I’ve read!

What I Wish Parents Would Do

I couldn’t stop reading the Blessed By Brenna blog when I came across it a few weeks ago. Beautifully written about a beautiful family with a beautiful little girl. This post though, it really stuck with me. So I thought I’d share.

5 Things Your Toddler Needs To Know

“I don’t need you to be perfect. I just need you to be loving and connected.”

“One minute I want to be independent, the next I want you to carry me forever. My connection with you is still the most important thing in my life, so while I need you to let me safely explore, I also need you to be my safe harbour.”

Lovely little article. I read this exactly when I needed to the other day. I’m pretty sure the author wrote it specifically for me.

Now, I’m ALWAYS in the picture!

This is a lovely article. As my friends will know (all too well) I don’t really have a problem ‘staying in the picture’. Even though I don’t really love the pictures of myself.

But there aren’t many photos of me when I was pregnant because I thought I looked too fat, or from those first few weeks when my little scrunchey came into the world, again because I thought I looked too fat. And I wish there were. I learned my lesson from that regret – now I’m always in the fricking picture, no matter what I think I look like!

I want to have photos of me and my kids, and me and my husband, so now I’m always asking my husband to take some. And of course the odd selfie with a toddler always goes down well!

There are so many benefits!

“Children who play outside develop better language skills, are fitter, and have fewer behavioural problems”. Best make the most of the Scottish summer while it lasts…

Best Article I’ve Read In A While

I never understood the significance of 1st birthdays until last year. But my husband and I kept another (totally dependent – on us) human alive for an entire year, whilst not knowing what the hell we were doing most of the time.

That is something worth celebrating!

Herd Immunity. That’s What It’s All About.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the antivacs-ers via friends in the US and Australia. Despite the fact that they spell whooping cough ‘whopping cough’, this article explains quite nicely why it’s so important to vaccinate.

Herd immunity folks, that’s what it’s all about. Also, nobody wants your measles.

Daddy’s Doing The Dishes!

Now isn’t this interesting… I don’t doubt it’s more correlation than causation, but still, daddy’s doing the dishes until our new dishwasher arrives on Friday!

30 Things to do Before You’re 3

Some nice ideas on here for rainy days, sunny days, busy days, lazy days… Especially if you’re bored with the same book or toy or song!

What mums say vs What dads hear

Something for a Sunday… Sorry dads – I don’t think any of you are actually like this, but it made me laugh a teeny tiny bit.

26 incredibly meaningful gifts you can give your kids

Ok ok. So most of these are gifts for when your kids are much older. But I’m starting to feel a bit Christmassy. And they are such lovely ideas. (And some you’d have to start making now to gift in 18 years!)