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Baltic Street Adventure Playground

Baltic Street Adventure Playground is different to any other play area we’ve been to. There’s loads for them to climb and swing on and jump off and play with. It’s fun, it’s exciting; it’s risky play at its very best. And it’s completely free.

The Children’s Wood Playgroup

Guest post coming from me today so here’s a short intro to myself and the kid – Rachel: mummy to my little lad who is two years old, living in Glasgow and having great fun exploring the city through the eyes of a wee one. We’ve been meaning to check out the outdoor playgroup in …

Tiny Academy at The Climbing Academy

Like pretty much every other toddler on the planet, the little lady absolutely loves to climb. Everything. She’s a maniac. And she clearly has no understanding (not even a tiny inkling) of what it might feel like to fall off that fence or that table or that window ledge. I should probably stop her from climbing everything, but …