If you’re ever in need of a place to feed your little one in town, Debenhams Cafe is a good shout. They have a microwave, bottle warmer & plenty of high chairs.

Next to the microwave & bottle warmer, they also have little tubs with lids for baby’s food containing a spoon, a disposable bib and a lemon fresh wipe. Excellent baby/toddler facilities. They’ve come in handy many a time.

And obviously you can get a cuppa or some chips whilst you’re there. The food isn’t bad at all. Especially the soup.

Note: It is a pity about their lack of feeding room (I don’t care what anyone says – that is a toilet, not a feeding room) and their single change mat. But you can breast/bottle feed your baby in the cafe and you’ll just need to wait until the baby before yours has been changed!