We were in the Riverside Museum the other day (yes, even with their EXTORTIONATE parking costs – unsurprisingly the car park was almost empty btw) with some friends and between us we managed to lose a child. It wasn’t busy in the slightest and it was just for a few minutes, but it was a scary scenario all the same.

It made me think about what you should do when you misplace a child, especially if you’re in a busy place. I’d seen a friend share this a few days before and thought it was pretty useful advice, so I thought I’d share here too.

In short, instead of shouting the child’s name it’s a much better idea to shout that you’re looking for a boy/girl wearing ______ (whatever the child is wearing). Another great idea if you’re going to be somewhere that’s really busy is to take a photo of your kids in the morning so you can easily show security or staff what they look like/are wearing. I’ve also seen a few kids with a phone number written on their arm so one of their parents can be contacted if they manage to get lost.

Check out oliversoutings.com for the full article though. It’s quite interesting.