We’ve been to Gusto & Relish cafe in Shawlands quite a few times now. Partly because they do my husbands favourite breakfast – those baked eggs are super yum – but also because they’re so child & family friendly.


The Food

We’ve not eaten lunch in Gusto & Relish much, but I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had breakfast there. For breakfast they serve up cooked breakfasts, rolls, all kinds of eggs, french toast and waffles. For lunch they do soups, big wedge sandwiches  and toasted sandwiches, salads and a few other bits and bobs.

I tend to order a veggie breakfast whenever I’m eating out, but with a side of bacon. (I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked very politely “You do know bacon isn’t vegetarian. Right?” Well yes, I’m very much aware of that, but 1. I’m not a vegetarian and 2. I really like bacon.)


Anyway, I digress. No matter what I’ve ordered, the food has always been delicious. And they make their own potato scones – these big thick and really potatoey ones – which I absolutely love.

Their baked eggs are the best eggs I’ve had in Glasgow. Not currently being allowed beautifully runny yolks I can’t have them, but I’m pretty jealous every time my husband does.


Do you see how perfect they look?!

The kids menu is short and sweet; soup, simple sandwiches, a nice lunch platter (or breakfast if that’s what your little fancies), toast with various toppings and some Ella’s Kitchen pouches.

The little lady, like both her parents, really loves food. And so we usually just order her a smaller version of what we’re eating: toast, beans (cheesy ones in this photo), a sausage and potato scone. It’s her favourite. (And I haven’t yet managed to get a photo before she’s dug in!)


They also do a good selection of cakes, bakes and biscuits. I’ve only had one or two, but they really are good. It’s worth a visit just for a cuppa and cake.

The Extra Bits

Gusto & Relish have a cabinet full of books, toys and games, including some board games. The little lady’s favourites are Operation, Connect 4 and Pop Up Pirate (the latter 2 she doesn’t quite get the concept of and prefers to play by herself, so we rarely get a turn).


The cafe isn’t huge but the staff are great and will do what they can to accommodate you if they can. The staff are super friendly too, and always very chatty with the little lady.

There are some tiny toilets downstairs. Now that I’m writing this I can’t ever remember changing a nappy in Gusto & Relish. So I’m not entirely sure about changing facilities. I’ll need to check that.

Some of the delicious cakes

Gusto & Relish is also a deli, so you can buy some really nice grub to take home!

The Verdict

We love Gusto & Relish. It’s a great place to eat with kids. It’s definitely in the top few most kid friendly cafes we’ve been to in Glasgow. And the food is fab. We’re there every few weeks for a lazy weekend breakfast. If that isn’t a good verdict I don’t know what is.


Gusto & Relish is located in Shawlands at 729 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2AA.