I’d like to give a MASSIVE shout out to the truly lovely staff at Briarlands Farm in Stirlingshire. I haven’t ever written about the place before as this was our first visit. I will do when I get the chance.

But first, this:

On Saturday, I lost my wedding and engagement ring in the straw pit at Briarlands Farm. The best real life definition of ‘needle in a haystack’ I’ll ever come across. 🙀

My husband searched for a while on Saturday and found the wedding ring (huge yay!) but not the engagement ring. We had buckets and we were sieving through the straw for a good while before it got too dark and late and we had to get the kids home.

Mary (she and her husband run the farm) went to a neighbouring farm to borrow some metal detectors. The staff (and some of their husbands) were there for a while on Saturday night, aided by head torches and metal detectors and sieving through straw. And again on Sunday morning, sieving through the straw. My husband and I were also back on Sunday morning for a couple of hours sieving through the straw.

It had been just myself and Mary left sieving for a while and we’d gotten through A LOT of the pit but the ‘To Sieve’ pile was getting much smaller, along with my hope of finding the engagement ring. Then Mary sticks a metal detector in a pile we haven’t gone through yet and it beeps. We start sieving through that pile…

And OMG it plops into her bucket.

There aren’t very many places that would go to that effort to find a ring in a pit of straw. Massive props and huge huge thanks to all the staff at Briarlands Farm. ❤

You won’t get better customer service than that anywhere!