I popped into Merry Go Round at the weekend to check out the preparations for the big Briggait sale. I saw a fraction of the tons of stuff headed down there for the 4 day sale starting this Friday.

As with last year, there is an incredible amount of baby and kids stuff going to be at the Briggait. From my brief time in store I saw big items like cots, cribs, buggies and high chairs, kids clothes of every type, shoes, some lovely wooly knits, bottles, cloth nappies, change bags, maternity clothing, carriers and slings, books, sleeping bags and oh so many toys; big and little.

There are some things that I’m going to be looking out for when I head along to the sale this coming weekend, so I was keeping a look out for those when I was having a wee rake around.


One of the things I’m going to be looking out for at the Briggait is shoes. Between the big one using her shoes as a brake for her scooter and it suddenly really not being the season for canvas footwear, she now has one pair of appropriate shoes. Shoes are ridiculously expensive, so I’m definitely going to be on the look out for a few pairs for her!

I saw this wee bunch when I was in the shop and thought they were pretty cute. And far more autumnal than what she’s currently wearing. Had they been in her size I’d probably have bought them there and then!

Baby Essentials

Let me just begin by saying that I absolutely 100% do NOT require any baby essentials. For any reason. Should you need any though, this is the place to find them. One of the things I noticed was a load of baby feeding items.

This high chair was one of my favourite things I came across. Behind it up on the shelf there were bottle warmers and sterilisers galore. And so many bottles from all different brands; Dr Browns, Nuk, Avent, Tommee Tippee plus quite a few others.

I also noticed a couple of buggies ready to go. If you’re in need of one head down early to pick up a bargain!


I know, I know. I certainly don’t need anymore toys in the house. But a few things did catch my eye. The little lady has always loved playing with a phone. And I love these replicas of the old Fisher Price phone toys.

I am a sucker for a good wooden toy and this little brightly coloured kitchen was one of my favourite things I found. How cute is it!?

I also really loved this little bike & trailer. We have so many push alongs and scoot alongs that I daren’t bring another one home, but I’m sure someone will have space for this!


My two seem to be continuously growing out of everything they own. You really can’t go wrong with some new old clothes! These knitted woolies were some of my favourites I found in the shop.


Hands up if you have an ever expanding library of kids books in your house. We do. I’m always on the look out for a good book to read to my two and there will be loads of books down at the Briggait to rummage through!

The Briggait Sale

The Merry-Go-Round Sale at The Briggait is on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd October. It will be open every day from 10am til 4pm with restocks happening every night.