We took a little trip to the Riverside Museum at the weekend. It was an attempt to simultaneously get out of the house, and not be outside in the freezing cold. (We’re not big enough for snowman building yet, and although picking up tiny bits of snow and holding them for a while is fun, it results very quickly in tiny cold hands!)

Anyway, it’s big and echoey and not quiet at all. There are lots of trams & buses to climb on, a couple of little kiddie toys to play in, and two very large horses that are seemingly great to point at/yell excitedly at/run towards & away from.

As with all Glasgow museums it’s free, and the cafe upstairs isn’t bad too.

The Verdict

Great place to let a toddler run around for an hour or two, especially when it’s slippery, snowy, crazy windy or freezing outside!

Side note

You don’t actually get to look at anything with a toddler running around!