We checked out Free Wheel North recently. Most people I speak to haven’t heard of it, but it’s a fantastic charity run cycling centre down at Glasgow Green next to the big sandy playpark & climbing frames across from the templeton building. If you’ve been down there you’ve probably seen it; you just didn’t know what it was!


So what’s Free Wheel North? Well, it’s a cycling centre with an outdoor track, some of which is a bit ‘off-roady’. They literally have every single type of bike you could think of. Trikes of all shapes and sizes, go-karts, ‘normal’ bikes, family karts that fit 4 people, circular 6 seater bikes, tandems and balance bikes, plus tons more. And you can try any of them.

For toddlers who can’t cycle a trike yet they have the 2 seater trikes (as myself & the little lady are beautifully featuring below!) and balance bikes if they’re at that stage. The 2 seater trikes (and quite a few of their other bikes) are also used for people with disabilities who want to have a shot on a bike.


The track is easy to get round. It has one nice flat area with wide ‘roads’ and another more hilly & bumpy section that the other kids there seemed to love!

We had such great fun. I loved it. My little lady was a bit apprehensive at first, but once I gave her a sandwich she was right up for it. Toddlers…

The staff are lovely & really helpful. They were even happy to be my photographers. (Carol might even teach you some Gaelic if you ask her nicely!)

Best of all, it only costs £1 for a go. (It costs £1 per person for a 15 minute session. £2 for 30mins & £3 for 45mins.)

It’s the perfect place to learn to ride a bike!


Free Wheel North is open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm and on Sunday from 12noon – 5pm.