Well. What a summer we’ve had this year. I don’t ever remember one quite like it. Not in Scotland anyway.

Just before the summer really started, when it was still a bit blowy and we hadn’t quite reached the heady heights of the 20+ degrees we are now accustomed to, I really fancied going to the beach. So we grabbed a picnic, some buckets (and I remembered towels and spare clothes this time, thankfully) and headed to Troon.

It’s only 40 minutes away from our house in the Southside and it’s a really easy drive. There is plenty of parking available when you get there too.

The beach at Troon is never too busy. Admittedly we’ve never been to Troon on one of those hot days when everyone in Glasgow heads to the west coast, but whenever we’ve been there it has always been pretty clean. There is the odd plastic bottle lying around, but nothing like the rubbish you sometimes see lying around on Ayr beach after a hot summer’s day.

It was very slightly chillier than in Glasgow but the kids had an amazing time. The little man loves a splash, so having an ocean to stamp around in was really just a dream come true for him. Next time something a bit more waterproof than joggers will probably be handy though… (Oops!)

There are toilets by the beach; they are portaloos, but they do the job. (I recently started keeping a little bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag after a few bad portaloo experiences. Highly recommended if you’re going somewhere without proper toilet facilities!) There is also a little playpark that we’ve seen, but never been to. It’s right by the portaloos.

Anyway, Troon Beach is a beautiful place, particularly when the sun is shining. (But even when it’s baltic the beach always makes me feel like I’m on holiday!)

Hope you’ve all been able to enjoy the sunshine too!