So I came across the BEDM (blog every day in May) challenge in my social media travels and I thought I’d give it a go, albeit a few days late. My writing has not been forthcoming recently so I figured this might be a good way to get back into it again.

Anyway, I’m letting the little lady have a quick nap in the back of the car and thought I’d join in while I wait… Today’s topic is “What’s in my bag?” Since this is my first real venture into what I like to call ‘proper blogging’ I decided to take this very literally and see what’s actually currently in my bag.

I have 2 bags out with me today; 3 if you count the toddler’s snack bag. Her snack bag now contains an empty yoghurt, one chocolate coin (usually used for bribery purposes but that has thus far been unnecessary today), a spoon, a half eaten oaty bar and a box of Peppa Pig raisins.

My handbag today is teency. Since we’re toilet training, we don’t need nappies or any of the other selection of things I used to cram into my giant handbag. The little lady has her own bag with spare clothes in it so I’m pretty free to use my bag space as I will. Loving it. All my little handbag has in it is my wallet, phone, Vaseline lip stuff & a Royal Mail card that I forgot was there. I actually really need to go pick that package up. :-/ There are also a couple of finger puppets and a tiny dinosaur I was ordered to put in there before we left the house this morning.

The toddler’s bag is full of spare pants, socks, leggings plus a couple of t-shirts, a warm top, an almost empty pack of wet wipes and 2 water bottles. One each. We no longer share since she tends to regurgitate little bits of her lunch back into hers. Today, her clothes are all clean – woo hoo – week 3 of potty training & we’re sailing through! There is 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of tights that the little lady deemed wet, but that any other human would have pulled back on without noticing the pinpoint drip on them. Seriously. Her bum is apparently that sensitive. I also crammed a pack of spinach in there that wouldn’t fit into the shopping bag I have.

But that’s it. Had I brought my usual bag out with me I would have been here all night.

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