You might have noticed things have been a bit quieter around here of late. Since Christmas actually. Well I thought it was about time to come clean… the little lady is going to be a big sister in September!

We haven’t been as busy as we used to be because I’ve been a bit more tired. (Also, the weather has been pretty rotten.) And so I haven’t been writing as much as usual both because of that, and because I’ve mostly been falling asleep on the sofa in the evenings instead of doing anything productive.

But I feel more normal again now, and the little lady needs to be entertained and tired out more than ever. So although I’m unlikely to be heading to soft play until I’m less gigantic (without husband present to play with the little lady) we are properly back out and about again. And I now have a few bits of writing to catch up on…

Anyway, it’s exciting times ahead for us. There may be some pregnancy related stuff popping up here and there over the next months, but for the most part it’s back to business as usual for me and the little lady. 🙂