We checked out the latest addition to Xcite Braehead today; The Big Slide at Climbzone!

It’s the worlds biggest indoor slide. It literally reaches the roof in that building. There’s also a slightly less tall slide (which is genuinely just as fun because although it’s shorter, it’s probably faster than the big one!) just in case you get to the top and decide it’s not for you.

The kids absolutely LOVED it. Both of them. I lost count of the number of times the little lady went up there. I must have gone up there at least 5 times, and up to the smaller slide a few more.

Warning though: There are 83 steps up to the top. That was my workout for a few days! The only thing they didn’t like was waiting in a queue. Especially the small one. He is not the most patient little fella…

It’s £1 a go, entry via a turnstile. You have to accompanied by an adult if you’re less than 1.1m tall.

I’d highly recommend the Big Slide. We had so much fun!

The Big Slide is located at the entrance to Xcite Braehead (formerly Soar at intu Braehead, even more formerly Xscape) right at Climbzone. You can’t miss it. It’s the biggest thing in the building.