Sometimes, finding a place to eat with kids where the kids will choose something they will actually eat, and that us adults will also enjoy can be a bit of a challenge. We have been to a couple of different buffets, so thought it was time to give Cosmo World Buffet in Silverburn a try as we’ve only heard good things from friends who have been. We weren’t disappointed.

Cosmo is located within Silverburn shopping centre, just out the back where the Cineworld cinema is located. When we arrived, we were shown to our seats and the kids were ready to fill their boots. There are a wide variety of options here; Indian starters and curries, Chinese food, a salad bar, sushi, steak, stir fry’s, a Sunday roast carvery, pizza, pasta, chips and loads more.

This place is super family friendly. There are tons of food options so even the pickiest eaters will always find some stuff they like. They can head up and get as much or as little as they want which, if I’m honest, is one of their favourite things about a buffet. Mine enjoyed a few very random plates of food. And they tried a few things they’ve never had before too.

The highlight of a buffet for my kids is always the chocolate fountain. They had high expectations before we went – they talked about whether there might be a chocolate fountain and what sweets there might be the whole way there! They had a great time dipping marshmallows in and filling their bowls with sweets, cake and fruit. It’s the only time they ever get to have as much dessert as they want so that’s a highlight in itself.

The adults really enjoyed our visit too. I had a few different curries, a bunch of starters (they’re always the best bit of any meal, aren’t they!) and some sushi. Husband had some bits from the carvery as well, and everything was tasty. We could see the sushi being prepared in the kitchen, and you can request steaks and some other dishes to be prepared while you wait. I don’t mind a wee marshmallow dipped in a chocolate fountain either to be honest.

The Cost

Prices vary depending on time of day. Cost starts at £15.99 for adults and £8.99 for kids (under 155cms). This includes as much food as you like. Drinks are sold separately.

(Prices correct at time of publishing)

The Verdict

Overall, our visit to Cosmo was a resounding success. Everyone enjoyed the food, and everyone ate well – even the kid who is very much a snacker. There’s a wide variety available and it’s very family friendly. Highly recommend.