A brand new mummy friend asked me the other day about feeding rooms in shopping centres. I used them for the first little while I was out & about (until I realised that people don’t really care that you’re breastfeeding) so I thought I’d write about those I used: the good, the bad and the ugly… (Please feel free to comment – the more tips the better!)


Great baby facilities. Comfy little room for feeding in too. Only problem for bottle feeders is that if you want a bottle heated you have to go to the customer service desk in the middle of the centre; there aren’t any at the baby facilities.


Again, great baby facilities & a comfy room for feeding in. Not certain about bottle heating in Braehead as never had to use this facility whilst there.

The Fort

Haven’t ever found a feeding room at The Fort. I don’t think I’ve ever used changing facilities there either. But I remember the mamas & papas in The Fort let me use their changing room to feed her one afternoon when she decided her little world was ending!


Every shopping centre has a Boots, and every Boots I’ve been in have had baby change facilities. I’m pretty sure they all have a seat in them if you really wanted to feed in there, but it really is just a toilet. Just saying!

(I’ll do a separate post about feeding rooms in town – too much to write in one post!)