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Robertson Park, Renfrew

Robertson Park is a great little park to spend a few hours. The playpark is varied, the skate park is good, there’s open space for running around. Plus there’s a cute wee pond with swans and ducks.

Victoria Park & Fossil Grove

Victoria Park is one of the prettiest parks in Glasgow. It has a lovely pond with lots of birds to see, a great playpark and Fossil Grove is quite magical for the little ones.

Glasgow’s One Hundred and Something Parks

I needed some motivation to get us spending time outside, so a few weeks ago I decided I was going to try to visit every park in Glasgow over the next few months. And I made a big list of every park in Glasgow!

5 Best Things To Do With a New Baby!

When my first baby came along, one of the most important things to me was getting out of the house. So for any first time parents out there, here is a little list of my favourite things to do with a new baby. Things I wish I’d done more of when it was easy to!

A Speedboat Trip Up The Clyde for a Doughnut

This speedboat trip up the Clyde to Krispy Kreme was a special treat for Father’s Day last year. It was exhilarating and we all loved it. The pit stop for doughnuts in the middle was perfect. A brilliant afternoon out!

Crafty Play Cafe at Three Sisters Bake

The Crafty Play Cafe at Three Sisters Bake is the perfect place to eat out with young kids. You don’t have to worry about them getting bored because there’s lots for them to do in a safe space. And you can eat your delicious food as slowly as you’d like. I mean, what an absolutely brilliant idea this is. I cannot rate it highly enough!

Turtle Tots Toddler Swimmers: A Breakthrough in the Pool

The little man and I just finished our first toddler class with Turtle Tots. When we started this latest block of classes we were having a bit of a blip. But with lots of patience from our lovely swim teacher we had a mini-breakthrough and he is back to enjoying his time in the pool again.

Children’s Exhibition at Tramway

The kids had such good fun at the Children’s Exhibition at Tramway. It isn’t massive, but we spent about an hour there and could easily have been there longer. The exhibits are fully interactive and the plasticine in particular gives a perpetually changing landscape to play with and mould, which both my kids really enjoyed. It’s free as well, which is always a bonus during the school holidays!

We are Turtle Tots Ambassadors!

It is official! I can finally tell everyone that we are Turtle Tots Ambassadors! I have been dying to tell you all for weeks but I had to wait (along with 5 other bloggers from around the country) until the official announcement was made at the beginning of May.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

We love a little trip into Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum for a few hours. It’s a huge space for the little ones to play in and a great place to meet up with a bunch of buggies. If you manage to read anything, that’s always a bonus!

The Big Feed

The Big Feed is a brilliant place to eat out is a casual, family friendly setting. There’s lots going, lots of background noise, and it’s no problem if you have a roamer child like we do. The food is also casual, but really yummy.

Summerlee Heritage Museum

Summerlee is big enough to spend a few hours playing and exploring, and has lots of things to do. Best of all the museum is completely free! The tram ride is a very exciting added extra. 

Hartbeeps Babies

I’ve been taking baby boy along to Hartbeeps for a while now. Every week is a full on sensory experience for him; songs, bubbles, feathers, dress up… He loves it!

Gourock Outdoor Pool

We had some beautiful weather last month and tried to make the most of it. One of the little day trips we went on was to check out Gourock Outdoor Pool. Great for a lovely sunny day!