Crafty Play Cafe at Three Sisters Bake

The Crafty Play Cafe at Three Sisters Bake is the perfect place to eat out with young kids. You don’t have to worry about them getting bored because there’s lots for them to do in a safe space. And you can eat your delicious food as slowly as you’d like. I mean, what an absolutely brilliant idea this is. I cannot rate it highly enough!

Turtle Tots Toddler Swimmers: A Breakthrough in the Pool

The little man and I just finished our first toddler class with Turtle Tots. When we started this latest block of classes we were having a bit of a blip. But with lots of patience from our lovely swim teacher we had a mini-breakthrough and he is back to enjoying his time in the pool again.

Children’s Exhibition at Tramway

The kids had such good fun at the Children’s Exhibition at Tramway. It isn’t massive, but we spent about an hour there and could easily have been there longer. The exhibits are fully interactive and the plasticine in particular gives a perpetually changing landscape to play with and mould, which both my kids really enjoyed. It’s free as well, which is always a bonus during the school holidays!