We tried out our first ever Hartbeeps class last week. We’d heard about it from a few friends who went along to the class in St Enoch’s on a Wednesday, but we’ve never managed to make it along. However they’ve just started a new class in the No. 1 Chocolate Factory on a Wednesday morning which suits us perfectly, so we decided to go check it out.


The Class

The class has the same structure every week: there’s the hello song, then lots of songs, dancing and activities all based around the theme for that day, then some relaxy time and singing goodbye. The theme for our first class was ducks. We had ducks to cuddle, ducks to count, we dressed as ducks with duck feet and a duck hat, we sand about ducks and we shook our tail feathers just like duck too. The little lady is a huge fan of both ducks and singing, so it was the perfect combination for her!

You will recognise most of the songs. There are lots of kids songs, but also quite a few (appropriate) pop songs mixed in like ‘shake a tail feather’. It’s a bit more tongue-in-cheek than other kids classes I’ve found – I quite enjoyed the soundtrack actually!


The music at calm down time towards the end of the class was a bit more chilled. The kids all got a little pillow & blanket for the to lie on, lots of feathers & stars & lights plus more stuff I’m sure I’ve forgotten. The little lady was not impressed when this part ended; I think she wanted to lie there amongst the feathers & blankets forever.

The little lady met the class cat (not a real cat – a puppet) for the first time and she honestly hasn’t stopped talking about it for days. I can’t remember what the cats name is, but he was clearly the best thing that has ever happened to her.


Isla, the lady who leads the class is so friendly and cheery, and is great with the kids. She makes the class really fun for them too.

The Cost

Classes cost £20 for a block of 4 consecutive classes.


The Verdict

The little lady really enjoyed our first Hartbeeps class. I know it was duck week (and I think we can all agree that ducks are the best ever) but there were so many activities and things to play with during the class that it wouldn’t have mattered had they not all been duck related. She had great fun.

As an added bonus, the class is in the chocolate factory. A cuppa and a delicious brownie afterwards is optional…


Hartbeeps Glasgow West takes place in the Number 1 Chocolate Factory, 63 St George’s Rd, Glasgow, G3 6JA. There are locations all over Glasgow. Check out the website to find one near you or visit the Hartbeeps Glasgow West page.