Despite it only being a 10 minute drive away, I’ve only ever been to Pollok Country Park a few times. If we’re planning on going to a country park, I always kinda forget that Pollok Park is there and end up travelling much further. So the little lady and I went along this morning to get a toddler’s perspective and see what it’s like.


The Park

Every time I go to Pollok Park I think it’s a lot bigger than I remember. Especially since it’s in the middle of the city next to a motorway. You can drive right in and parking is available in the several car parks at the Burrell Collection (see Burrell Collection review here) and Pollok House, which are both situated in the park.


Despite moo-ing all the way there, the little lady decided she wanted to see the horses when she spotted them on the drive in, so after we’d parked we went a walk through the woods to find them. It’s a really beautiful park with huge trees, a little stream running through the woodland area and a river down by Pollok House with picnic tables overlooking. We walked back towards the Dumbreck Rd entrance where we’d passed the horses. The little lady was utterly delighted when the horses came over to say hello to us. They were super friendly and they really liked our pram; in actual fact I think they may have quite liked the smell of the dog biscuits in the side pocket, but they hung around by the fence until we left.


We were out walking (mostly in the rain) for about an hour and half and we managed to find highland cattle, horses, ducks, loads of dogs, some pigeons, Clydesdales and a really noisy crow. The stairs and the crunchy stones outside Pollok House were a hit, as was the bridge over the river across from Pollok House.

We didn’t go this time because it started pouring with rain, but we’ve been to the playpark across from the Burrell Collection before. (Photos from previous visit). It’s a lovely little play area with a slide, swings, climbing frame, trampoline & hammock swing, amongst other things. Plenty for a toddler to do.


We finished our morning off with a trip to the Burrell Collection cafe. It’s a nice (and really pretty) little cafe. The do sandwiches, soups, potatoes, scones, cakes and some hot meals too. It isn’t too expensive, and the staff are lovely and friendly. There’s plenty space for prams and they have quite a few high chairs too, so great for a little meet up with other mummy and baby friends.

Within the park there is also a walled garden, the Old Stable Courtyard and Sawmill, a mountain bike circuit, a wildlife garden, woodland walks, riverside walks and Highland cattle.


The Pro’s

Pollok Country Park is brilliant for prams, as long as you don’t mind the odd hill here and there. The paths are almost all properly paved, and those that aren’t are in good enough condition to take a pram along.

There’s loads for a toddler to see, and a huge area to explore. We only went to see the animals and have lunch today, but had it not been so rainy we would’ve been able to explore more and let the little lady have fun in the woods.


It’s also super clean, and the staff in their wee vans and lawn mowers and whatever else are all very friendly.

The Con’s

They charge for parking in the car parks. It’s only £1 (I think) for a few hours, but still, it’s annoying.

For some people this would go in the pro’s section, but Pollok Park is very manicured. To me it doesn’t feel like a ‘country’ park. But that’s a really weak con and other than that I can’t think of anything.


The Verdict

Pollok Park is beautiful. It’s a big slice of green almost in the heart of Glasgow and we could’ve spent loads more time there. There’s tons for a toddler to see and explore, and a nice little playpark. The cafe in the Burrell Collection is lovely too. We had great fun, even though it rained the entire time!

Pollok Country Park is located at 2060 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow, G43.