After months of trying, the stars aligned & we finally made it to our first Buggyfit Glasgow West class this morning in Victoria Park.

It was a pretty nice day for once, if a bit breezy. Perfect for my first workout in a long time.

The class itself was great. We did some running, and quite a lot of core and leg work: squats, lunges, the plank, etc. I found the core work super hard, but I guess that’s to be expected post-pregnancy and having done very little exercise in 2 years. I felt like I was working all those muscles though, and it felt great.

The babies stay in their prams, and you exercise just next to them. My Little Lady wasn’t too happy about that. She just wanted to go to sleep and she finds that quite hard unless the pram is moving, but it was a stationary class and the prams didn’t move at all today. So she cried. A lot. And I felt guilty. A lot. That’s not normal for the class though – they do usually move around with the buggies, but today Claire (the instructor) wasn’t feeling very well so we stayed put and ran without the buggies.

Claire is lovely too. She strikes a nice balance between being firm and encouraging, and it made me work that little bit harder. You go at your own pace though – there’s no pressure to keep up with anyone else.

The Cost

Your first class is free, and after that you can buy blocks of classes (£20 for 4 or £36 for 8) or pay as you go at £5.50 per class.

The Verdict

Hard work made great fun by a nice (but tough) instructor. Arms are feeling the burn…