Woo hoo! Our new carrier finally arrived! Now we can go to the park without us both roasting alive in a wrap!


We’ve been using our Boba wrap since the little lady was born. She slept in it loads and got cuddles in it a lot. It meant I could do some hoovering, walk the dogs, go to the shops… I could do anything with her snuggled up in there. And it was the comfiest thing ever to wear. But she’s just getting a little bit too big for it now and it’s sadly time to move on to a bigger carrier.

I’m really going to miss our wrap though. For months, she’s napped in it almost every morning while I’ve taken the dogs around the park. But it’s roasting outside, and in this weather all we both do is sweat while she’s in there.

So it’s bye bye Boba wrap and hello Boba 4G toddler carrier. I’m very slightly excited.

When did my baby get so big?