We took our first (long awaited, in my case) trip to the Science Centre at the weekend. Full disclosure: I worked there when I was a student, and I loved it, and I’m also a tiny bit of a science geek, so my review may not be entirely unbiased.


But anyway, the review. Where do I begin?! Well the escalator up into the science mall was a hit for a start…

The first floor of the science mall is absolutely perfect for any walking/running/screaming bundle of energy. The Big Explorer zone (just one bit of the first floor) had enough to keep my little lady entertained during our entire visit, without even going to another floor.


There are tunnels to play in, lots of buttons to press, a whole water play area (with tabbards if you feel like attempting to keep them dry), a bunch of puppets to play with, plus tons more. She particularly liked the scarf parachutes and the wind tunnel – huge hit. There is also a baby soft play area in the Big Explorer zone too. The absolute best part of the Explorer zone is that it’s gated, so mini monsters can’t escape!


The second and third floors are definitely aimed at slightly older kids (than a 1 year old). But they were fun for me and her daddy, and for her to run around like a tiny crazy person in.

We measured our height, tested our reflexes, got a new (thermal imaging) family portrait, put a skeleton together (correctly, I might add, whilst our little lady crawled back and forth through a mirror tunnel), and played a tune on some invisible harp strings.


We were a bit limited for time since we went about an hour and a half before it was due to close, so I know we missed quite a few things out. We didn’t see any of the shows or workshops; the little lady is a bit young for those anyway. But we had great fun, and we will absolutely be back. Very soon.


The Cost

Entry is £11 for adults and £9 for kids. There are also add-ons if you want to go to a show in the Planetarium or IMAX. As I mentioned in a previous post though, the Science Passport is £27 for adults and £21 for kids, and you get free entry to the science mall for a year with that. Most definitely well worth it, even if you only go a couple of times!