Robertson Park in Renfrew is one of the kids favourite places to head if we’re looking for a nice easy couple of hours outside. It is right in the middle of Renfrew, 5 minutes from Xsite. If we’ve been out for lunch or dinner at Xsite we sometimes head here afterwards to burn off all the pent up ice cream energy.

The park isn’t really that big but it is super flat and hence great for practising on the skates or scooters and of course for buggies. There’s not a huge amount of walking in it unless you do laps, but the pond is pretty and there are some swans, ducks and moorhens in it if your kids like seeing the water birds.

The favourite bit for my own kids is the playpark. It is really varied and there’s plenty to keep kids entertained from when they are toddling around up to being a good bit older. For the younger kids it has some musical toys and slides and some play frames aimed at toddlers and preschoolers. For the more sure on their feet and the climbers, there is a big wooden structure that has rope bridges, a firemans pole, climbing wall and a bunch of other bits.

There is a spider web for climbing, another rope climbing frame with nests, a wooden assault course style part… There are swings and slides and this thing you hang onto and slide along a track, kinda like a flying fox but without the seat. There is also a wheelchair accessible swing. It is absolutely one of our favourite playparks – it’s brill!

My kids are complete beginners when it comes to skate parks, but they really enjoy this one. The skate park is reasonably well maintained and it has a few bowls to drop (some random scooter kid kept talking at me the other day in between doing his tricks and I think I learned a bit of skate lingo – lol), loads of different ramps and humps (lost it) and stuff. I know literally nothing about skating – all I know is that my kids like scooting about in here and going down some of the ramps.

Just note that it can be busy (when it’s not raining or icy which is when my pics are from!) so make sure your kids are aware of the lines others are skating and be aware that other kids are going to come flying along some of them. I saw a toddler on a scooter get taken out by a much bigger (also very polite and apologetic – wasn’t his fault) skateboarder the last time we were there. No snaking, guys…

The Logistics

  • Suitable for buggies & other wheels
  • Good for dogs
  • Parking available on street nearby
  • The X23 bus will take you right to the side of the park at the football pitches on Inchinnan Rd.

The Verdict

Robertson Park is a great little park to spend a few hours. The kids really love it here: the playpark is varied and keeps them occupied for ages, the skate park is good and there’s plenty open space for running around or scooting around the flat paths of the park. Plus the cute wee pond with swans and ducks.

Robertson Park is located almost in the centre of Renfrew between Paisley Rd & Inchinnan Rd. If driving, the best postcode to put in is PA4 8LG.