I took my girl along to the new Nick Cave installation at Tramway yesterday, after her first day back at school. We had a great wee hour wandering round the exhibition and playing in the Hidden Gardens outside, plus a cuppa and a cookie in the cafe.

The installation itself is a huge warehouse full of shiny, dangly, colourful spinners hanging from the ceiling, with planned paths you can walk through. Some of the walls are covered in giant mats of beads in all different colours and patterns.

There’s a high platform in the middle that you have to climb a reasonably steep ladder to get to (no under 5’s up here) and it’s absolutely packed with stuff to look at. The whole thing is a full on sensory experience – there’s an incredible amount to take in.

I’m going to be totally honest here & say that this exhibition probably won’t suit all kids (mainly depending on their mood!) It’s very much an absolutely NO touching installation, which I know is a difficult ask for some of the more free spirited variety (mine are very much in this camp).

It’s not that the kids wouldn’t enjoy it – it’s more that their accompanying adults might be stressed out their nuts by the end. That shiny spinny dangly jungle of joy is so tempting to just race through for small ones! Also, only kids aged 5+ can go up the ladders to the platform which, as an enthusiastic climber of *everything*, my littlest would definitely not understand.

The Hidden Gardens are just out the back too and are great for a picnic or finding bugs or exploring. One of our fave places for meeting up with little friends.

The Extra Info

This exhibition will be in Tramway until November 24th. It is open Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm, and at weekends from 10am to 5pm. Closed on a Monday.

The Hidden Gardens out the back of Tramway

The Cost

The exhibition, Hidden Gardens & Tramway are all totally free.

The Verdict

It is a truly fantastic installation and well worth seeing! Just be aware with young kids that it’s no touching!