We’ve been meaning to go along for a while to Gambado soft play at Braehead, as we’d heard lots of great things. So we went to try it out at the weekend.

The play area

It was smaller than I expected (especially for the price). Toddler area was good (and gated) – it had a few unique things that we haven’t seen in any other soft plays including a bubble tank with some plastic fish floating around in it, which happened to be the little lady’s favourite thing in the whole place. There are a couple of small, but quite fast slides, a little ball pool and some bits to crawl around in.


They have a really nice little area with some play kitchens, work benches, building blocks, books and dress up outfits, all of which were a big hit.

The main play area had a few slides, lots of running around space and a few other things I haven’t seen in other soft plays – like a big floor piano.


The food

We only had cake and tea. Cake was nice – it’s not ‘home made’ but I don’t think many soft plays make their own cake! The menu was pretty standard (jackets, burgers, hotdogs, mac & cheese, etc) but they had some little snacks for kids (like babybel) that I haven’t seen elsewhere. They also do a wee breakfast menu with scrambled eggs, porridge & some other stuff. If you didn’t fancy the food in Gambado though, there are plenty of restaurants in Xscape to go to after you’ve worked up an appetite crawling around after your toddler!

The extra bits

Jo Jingles is in Gambado on a Wednesday morning & you can stay & play after the class. They are installing a 31 seater carousel next week (I’m genuinely intrigued as to where they’re going to put it) which will be included in the price of entry.


The cost

It was the weekend, and it was our first time, so it cost us £12.45 to get in. (This included a one off registration fee of £2.50 which you get back in the form of a cafe voucher, 2 adults at £1.50 each and a toddler at £6.95). It’s definitely one of the more pricey soft plays we’ve visited. Off peak though, adults don’t pay and toddlers are £5.50.

The verdict

It was very clean – the nicest smelling soft play I’ve ever been to. I don’t think I’d go back on a rainy weekend (seriously – it was insanely busy, even just to get in) but I will take my little lady back during the week.

Gambado Glasgow is located in Soar at Intu Braehead (or Xscape, as I shall continue to call it).