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Glasgow’s One Hundred and Something Parks

I needed some motivation to get us spending time outside, so a few weeks ago I decided I was going to try to visit every park in Glasgow over the next few months. And I made a big list of every park in Glasgow!

The Big Feed

The Big Feed is a brilliant place to eat out is a casual, family friendly setting. There’s lots going, lots of background noise, and it’s no problem if you have a roamer child like we do. The food is also casual, but really yummy.

Prenatal Yoga at Yogabellies

I just finished up with my lovely Yogabellies class. Not only was it was the most relaxing part of my week, but it was quite nice to be in a room full of pregnant ladies who were all having similar experiences to me.

Aquanatal Classes

I’ve been going along to aquanatal at Scotstoun Leisure Centre for a few months now. I really enjoy it: I get to meet people; I don’t need to do toddler bedtime; and of course it’s a little bit of exercise.