I’ve been going along to aquanatal at Scotstoun Leisure Centre for a few months now. I really enjoy it, for quite a few reasons: it’s one way to meet some folk who are going to have a baby around the same time as me; it’s one night of the week I don’t need to do bedtime; and it makes me feel like I’ve done a little exercise.

I stopped my regular classes at around 18 weeks because my workout clothes stopped fitting. Also because they were bootcamp style classes with Scottish Military Fitness, so a tad too high impact for during pregnancy. The jumping and running was not agreeing with the old pelvic floor, and the bump was feeling a bit too bouncy to be comfortable! I needed something a bit less strenuous, but I wanted to feel like I was doing something.

The Class

The class is in two parts. The first part is an exercise class in the water. You work on arms and legs and do lots of running/stepping/jumping under water plus a few bits of side swimming with a float of some sort. When I first started the classes it didn’t feel very difficult, but it has gradually gotten more difficult as I’ve gotten bigger and the last few times I’ve been (I’m now 33 weeks) it felt like I’d worked pretty hard by the end of the pool session.

The second part is a little informal chat after everyone has gotten changed back into clothes and made their way round to the badminton centre where the rest of the class is held. Everyone introduces themselves in an “I’m Lynn, I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I’m delivering at the royal” kinda way. And Nicola, the midwife who takes the class, talks about something for a little while. Topics are very varied and have been pretty useful. We’ve talked C-sections, what to expect in the labour ward, breastfeeding, perineal massage, breathing techniques for labour plus loads more. Definitely useful, even if you have been through it once before!

There are ladies there from all stages of pregnancy, right up to 41 weeks. During my first pregnancy (I’m far less self-conscious these days!) I went along a few times and was a bit worried about showing my new shape off in public, especially with the extra bits of bum blubber (and the rest) that had appeared. But there are ladies of all shapes and sizes, and bumps of all shapes and sizes. It really doesn’t matter what shape you are; nobody cares and nobody bothers. Everyone is there for the same thing.

The Cost

If you are a member of the Glasgow Club the class is included in your membership. If not, it’s £5.30.

The Verdict

It does feel a bit strange at first bobbing about in a pool to dance music with maybe 25 or so other pregnant ladies, but you get used to that pretty quickly. As I mentioned, it does get more difficult as time goes on and it feels pretty good to do that bit of exercise once a week. Nicola, who runs the class in Scotstoun is encouraging and friendly in equal measures. Even this time round I’ve learned a few things that I wasn’t previously aware of. Plus, I’ve met some nice ladies there too.

The aquanatal class I attended take place in Scotstoun Leisure Centre on Tuesday evenings from 7.15pm. There is also another aquanatal class in the Gorbals Leisure Centre on the same evening.