Conifox Christmas Experience was the kids favourite Christmas thing we did with them last year, so we couldn’t say no when we were asked along to the preview for their 2023 Christmas event. Of course, they loved it again this year.

When we arrived we were met by an elf who led everyone through the naughty or nice meter where an alarm went off if you were on the naughty list. Thankfully all the kids were on the nice list but the naughty list alarm might have gone off for me when I walked through which the kids thought was absolutely hilarious…

We then did a quick warm up with the elves before we headed through the wardrobe doors into a magical land of Christmas trees and lasers which we saw last year but was just as cool and got the same awestruck reaction from the kids this year.

We wandered through the (indoor) forest and came across the nutcracker and a big life sized snowman, who came alive and had a snowball fight with the kids. (The snowballs are warmer than the outdoor ones and possibly made of wool!) The snowball fights with the snowman was one of their favourite parts. It was so much fun. They remembered this from last year actually and had been talking about having a snowball fight for weeks.

Then Mrs Clause came to collect us and took the kids through for a lovely Christmas story around her armchair. Of course they then met the big man in red who checked names on the nice list. Santa also gave the kids their golden coin which they can take to Santa’s workshop and hand to an elf in exchange for their gift.

Santa’s workshop is really fun in itself actually with a whole wall of sensory toys to play with. There are buttons galore and lights wheels to turn. The kids both played with this for a while, exploring all the buttons. It’s one part I’m sure the little ones would love to play with.

This year you can choose either a toy or a build-your-own teddy. They both chose a reindeer teddy but there’s also bears and unicorns. Kids get to put the heart in and stuff (kinda like build-a-bear except a bit simpler) and write out the teddy’s birth certificate. It’s super cute and my pair really loved this little addition year, both choosing this over any of the toys.

Each year has different extra activities. This year there is a reindeer flying school which is a show the kids can join in with, and the north pole post office where kids can write their letters to Santa and post them in the postbox.

I have to give a shout out to the Conifox Grinch who is just absolutely brilliant; the kids were chatting away to him and he’s so funny. The big one went straight in for a big Grinchy hug and although he obliged her he was still very… Grinchy. It was hilarious. All their performers are brilliant actually; the reindeer in the reindeer flying school, Santa, all of the elves, the nutcracker and Mrs Clause. Every one of them was fantastic.

Then of course there are the fairground rides including a fun house and a few spinny rides. No waltzers this year to make my eyeballs spin but the kids got me on a different spinning ride that surprised me by also going up high. Ride vouchers have to be bought separately – not included in entry cost.

The Cost

Prices are £30 for kids, £22 for adults and £7 for babies up to 12 months. Ride vouchers have to be bought separately – they’re not included in entry cost.

I am very aware how expensive this event is and if it was rubbish, or even middle of the road, I absolutely would not recommend it at that price. But as I mentioned before, this is both my kids favourite Christmas experience/Santa visit both this year and last. There’s lots included in it and it’s a genuinely fun experience, and that definitely makes it worth it.

The Verdict

As I’ve mentioned, this was my kids absolute favourite Christmas event this year and last. If you are choosing just one thing to do, this is the one. Highly recommend.

Conifox Christmas Experience takes place in Conifox Adventure Park at Kirkliston, EH29 9ER.