I LOVE a beach trip. I’m not really fussed about it being sunny to go to the beach but since it currently is that fantastically sunny bit of Scottish summer, I thought I’d share our faves.

I’m a big fan of beach picnics (despite the sand in your sandwiches). I recently made up a big vat of tuna pasta and we went after school for a dinner picnic. A really fun way to spend some quality time together & a super cheap dinner out!

Extra things we usually take: watering can (the little man’s absolute favourite toy at the beach, in the garden, anywhere!), spare clothes, bucket & spade, towels, picnic blanket.

So anyway, in no particular order, our fave beaches around Glasgow, or within road trip distance!!!

Boden Boo

This lovely wee river beach on the banks of the Clyde, just under the Erskine Bridge, is a newish discovery for us. There’s space to play and run around, and there are some nice walks through the woods here too. Has to be Glasgow’s closest beach as well – was less than 20 minutes home to the Southside for us.


Right on the bonny banks of Loch Lomond, this one avoids the sea altogether. You’ll find some ducks & swans here, and Luss itself is a nice wee place for a wander. There’s also the faerie trail at Luss which is a lovely wee walk in the woods.

Troon Beach

Probably our most frequented beach. It’s never as busy as Ayr beach & for us it’s less than 40 mins along the M77. Portaloo toilets & wee playpark along the front.

North Berwick

One of our fave daytrips. We tend to park along at the top of the hill and wander round the coast a bit until we get to a more secluded beach than the big main one. Nice chippy here & an excellent place for kite flying!

Culzean beaches

Beautiful beaches, some rocky & some sandy. Excellent rockpooling opps so take a bucket! You can see Arran from here & the beaches are spotless. Definitely a big fave. (Park entry fee applies.)

Lunderston Bay

Clean beach & stunning views over the forth of Clyde on a good day. Mainly a rocky beach; great for rock pooling & clambering about. Toilets available too. This one’s a lovely place to be.


Yep I know this is a town & not actually a beach but we had the BEST day last summer exploring the beaches along the front in Millport. So worth the couple of quid for the extra adventure of the ferry.