I’m trying to be a bit more organised these days; not for any particular reason other than I am completely disorganised all of the time and it’s getting a bit tedious for me and for the toddler and my husband and anyone who happens to be waiting on me to come and meet them at any point on any day.

So I thought I’d try to do a weekly meal plan as part of my new found organisational skills. Here is this weeks:


Monday: Roast chicken with salad. Originally this was going to be with veg and mash but it was way too hot today for all that nonsense.

Tuesday: Vegetarian Paella. A slow cooker recipe from my favourite slow cooker book. It only takes 3 hours in there once you’ve chucked everything in. I’ll probably pick up some prawns tomorrow though and chuck them in at the end.

Wednesday: Malaysian beef & aubergine curry. Another slow cooker recipe. This one goes in all day and is super tender when it’s ready. I’m actually salivating a bit thinking about it!

Thursday: Asparagus & spinach risotto. Yet another slow cooker recipe. It only take about 2 hours once everything’s in there but it’s really creamy and lovely once it’s done.

Friday: Naan bread pizzas & wedges. A little Friday treat. A mini naan each with whatever anyone wants to put on there. We’ll have some cheese, some bits of veg & some continental meats. We’ll just go nuts. The toddler loves creating hers!



Monday: Scotch broth. I made it on Sunday and froze half. It’s one of our little family favourites.

Tuesday: Leftover chicken soup. Roast chicken soup with a bit of sage and rice. Yummers.

Wednesday: Chicken ceasar pasta salad. Hopefully the last bit of chicken getting used up in this one. A lovely chickeny, cheesy pasta salad. I’m hoping the toddler will like it…

Thursday: Spring lamb salad. This is me using up the rest of the lamb I didn’t use in the scotch broth. It’s a pearl barley base with a bunch of veg in there too. Looking forward to trying this one out.

Friday: Leftover risotto & salad. Kinda says it all really.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. We’ve got a couple of bagels for a breakfast but the rest of the time it’ll be porridge or crunchy nut as usual!