Chester Zoo

I used to work in Chester Zoo and I have incredibly fond memories of my time there. So it is pretty special to me. I absolutely love the place. I worked in most of the different animal departments and met lots of wonderful characters; human and non-human! And quite a few of the non-human ones are still there. It is always lovely to go back, to see the animals I used to see every day and to see what is new to the place. And also to have a wander around the bat cave. I love it in there.

A beach, ideally (but not likely) in the sunshine

I really love going to the beach. In Scotland I prefer going on days where it’s not too hot, when the weather isn’t quite “Scottish Summer” weather. Mainly because the beach will inevitably be full on those days; full of people and full of the rubbish they bring with them and then leave behind. I love going to Ayr or Troon when it’s sunny, but you still need wellies and a good jumper to keep warm. That is perfect beach weather.

Thorpe Park (or another theme park)

I really want to take the toddler here. She LOVES rollercoasters and fairground rides. And so do I. I don’t think this is actually going to happen this year, because if we had time and went before September I wouldn’t be able to go on anything and it’s highly unlikely we’ll want to take a newborn with us to a theme park. Maybe I can extend this one to the following year…

The Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland

Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. And despite how close it actually it, have never made the trip across the Irish Sea.

The Galloway dark sky forest park

I’d really love to go and watch the stars for a bit in the dark sky park. Again, I don’t think it’ll happen this year, this time because it’s midgie season for the next few months and I’ve been eaten alive at the Galloway forest park before. I can’t handle that itchiness on top of pregnancy!