I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. When I was trying to find the photos it almost came out like an ode to my 6-months-ago-18-month-old but I stopped myself…!

You know those outfits that your kid wears at least twice a week; straight out of the machine and back on the the kid again (with drying time obviously). Well we bought the little lady ‘that outfit’ from Nana Momo Makes at a stall in a craft market we came across just before last Christmas.


Her foxy dungarees. I posted a photo ages ago with the little lady in them and folk asked about them. This post has been on my to do list since.

Nana Momo was manning the stall and was amazingly helpful. There were so many gorgeous patterns of dresses and skirts and tops and dungarees to choose from. But as soon as I saw the foxes they were mine!


The little lady wasn’t with us when we bought them. (We’d had a night off & were enjoying the morning after doing a bit of Christmas shopping!) Nana Momo did warn me that the size I’d chosen would probably be too small, but I was sure they’d fit. Turns out the little lady was a lot smaller in my mind than she was in real life. Momo told us that they’d be at one more craft fair a few days later if I needed them swapped for a bigger size. I did; they hardly went on her leg.

We went along to swap them and Momo said she’d make a pair in the right size and post them out which she did within about 5 days. She did. They arrived within a few days with an extra spotty love heart embellishment on the front. 🙂


I have never had such good customer service from anyone; individual or shop. They lasted us at least 3 months (I kept cramming her in them) and they still look brand new now, so they are excellently made.

I really can’t recommend Nana Momo Makes highly enough. The little lady will be getting a birthday outfit from them very soon!

You can find Nana Momo Makes online at nanamomomakes.co.uk or check out their facebook page here