Sop alert:

This time 2 years ago I was in the labour ward, probably at about 7cms, and the little lady had decided she was staying in there.

How time has flown!

My tiny baby is now a little girl. I have a wonderfully funny, hilariously clumsy, singularly independent (but sometimes not), adventurous, inquisitive, shy but bold, thoughtful and helpful, strong-willed, brave, fun, happy, sometimes moody, always affectionate and heart-smooshingly cuddly 2 year old.

playing sandcastles with daddy

She is everything a toddler should be and she fills up my whole house, my whole life and my whole heart.

I am sitting watching the little lady build sand castles with her daddy and I feel like she’s been with us forever. But I still can’t believe that day was two years ago.