I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. I feel like time has sped up since before our little lady was born almost 3 years ago. As with my last pregnancy, I’ve been so lucky and everything has been going well. I feel great. I wish my hair had become beautifully thick like it did last pregnancy (maybe I remembered my vitamins more often last time), but if that’s my only complaint I’m doing well.

As my belly grows bigger I can feel the skin around the bump getting tighter. And I can see my belly button gradually getting smaller. I’ve been fully into the maternity clothes for a good while now. Though not particularly sexy (the waistband of my leggings comes all the way up to the bottom of my bra) they’re so comfy I really don’t mind. Besides, trying to wear a regular top is like trying to squeeze a watermelon through a hole the size of a….. No, wait a minute. That’s the wrong simile.

I’m a lot more out of breath than I used to be; even just walking up the 2 flights of stairs to our house is literally breathtaking. And this morning it took me about 20 minutes to shave my legs. But I think I probably burned about 900 calories doing it, so you know, it all balances out.

According to my ‘cute fruit’ app, baby is apparently now the size of a large aubergine. One of the other apps I have on my phone compared baby to a head of cauliflower, but I’d much rather think of it as something more elongated than that. I’ll stick with the large aubergine comparison.

I can feel baby moving all the time. I think I’d forgotten just how much babies move around in your belly. And how it’s one of the most beautiful, calming and perfectly secret feelings in the whole world. In bed, on the sofa, walking around, in the cinema, in the pool, having a massage… No matter what I’m doing, where I am or who I’m with, baby always lets me know that they’re in there. And although I have absolutely nothing ready, I’m beginning to get really excited about meeting her/him!