I am very aware that time is not-so-slowly ticking on, and that I have about 2 and a half months until baby makes it’s big entrance to the world. I’m also extremely aware that when baby does appear my time will be spent feeding, changing and trying to get a baby to sleep, all the while also looking after and entertaining a toddler. And sleeping myself, obviously, if possible.

I feel like the little lady and I will be losing a lot of the quality time that we get together, at least for a while, and so I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with her as I can before baby arrives. I’ve got a summer of big plans for us; so many places to visit and things to do.

Obviously spending time with her and my husband is the most important thing on my list, and then there’s all the usual dull stuff that just has to be done. But there a few extra things that I’d really love to get finished (or started) before baby makes it’s way into the world. I doubt I’ll get them all done, but I feel like if I write them down a couple of them might actually happen! So here they are:

  • Finishing all the drafts and writing all the things on my writing to-do list. Unlikely, but I’ll try.
  • Crocheting something for the baby.
  • Finishing the tutu I started making for the little lady about 10 months ago.
  • Making the family photo album from 2015 that I’ve been planning on doing since November.
  • Making boredom buster boxes for when baby arrives so that the little lady has something to do at the times when I have to be busy with the new arrival.

If I remember, I’ll come back and update when I get any of them done.