Last Saturday was due date. I spent the entire weekend, plus a few days afterwards willing baby to come out. Due date felt like reaching a huge milestone: the end of pregnancy and the beginning of a brand new chapter in the life of our family. But it wasn’t yet. This little one has kept us waiting another week (the longest week of my life) and is looking pretty comfy in there.

But now I only have a few days left before baby is definitely coming out, one way or another. This date has been set since my first appointment with the consultant way back in early spring. I honestly never thought I’d get to due date +10. People say all the time that second babies usually come earlier than their older siblings. Well, not this one! It looks like due date +10 will be reached…

As this new deadline approaches my feelings are really mixed. I’m making the most of feeling baby kicking and squirming in there. Because in a few days time I’ll never get to have that feeling again with this baby. And that’s the loveliest and most beautiful thing about pregnancy. After my huff that due date came and went with no sign of baby, I’m glad I remembered that and appreciated it again before baby decided it was time to come out.

I still would quite like baby to make a move as the old pelvis is feeling less and less comfy every day. And I’ve had enough of the water retention. Apart from meeting our new baby and seeing my beautiful little lady become a big sister, the thing I’m most looking forward to are my ankles and feet (and everywhere else that’s swollen) return to normal! I cannot wait to put my shoes back on. Those flip flops are going in the bin as soon as my feet fit in anything else!

Anyway, a few more days and the decision to vacate my uterus will be taken out of baby’s hands. Can’t wait to meet you little one!