4 weeks until due date. I remember last time round I had nothing at all to do except bounce on a ball, watch TV, have a lie down & eat ice poles for the final month or so of pregnancy. This time however is quite different. Yesterday was spent wandering around a farm & wildlife centre for 6 hours. Tuesday will be spent as a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding (had it been anyone else I’d have given a solid no at being a bridesmaid this far into a pregnancy).

The only time I can see my feet is when they swing out in front of me when I’m walking. My feet have been balloons by the end of every day for the past few weeks. But every morning they’re back to normal. My rings aren’t very comfy anymore. They’re living in the drawer for the next few weeks. And I’m having random bouts of skin sensitivity to things that I’ve been using for months/years.

Apart from that all is very well. I actually have no complaints. How many people can say that they have 4 weeks to go and have nothing to whinge about except some swelling?! (And quite a lot of extra weight, but let’s not get into that until after babys arrival… I do currently really miss exercising.)

I am very aware of how whaleish I’m going to be as a bridesmaid on Tuesday. But it’s my sisters day, not mine. So I’ll do my best bridesmaiding, and also attempt to get the little lady there not in her usual unkempt style. I might even have a dance.