If you’ve been around a while you’ll know how much I love a good outdoor place to play. Especially free (or almost free) and community driven places like Baltic Street and the Children’s Wood and Free Wheel North. (All also well worth checking out – I’ve linked them to their own review pages!) Well Reidvale Adventure Play Area – RAPA – is one such place!

The kids have been going along here for a year or so with their auntie (who lives in Dennistoun) when I’ve been at work, and they absolutely love it. I managed along recently to see them and the play area when I snuck away a bit early.

What a place! There’s lots to climb, including a spiders web and some assault course style bits. There’s a good slide, tennis courts, a little climbing frame for the small ones, swings, a sandpit, trampolines, bikes & a bike track, spinny things and lots of space to just run and play.

The wee bikes are worth mentioning themselves because my pair played on them together for almost an hour. Without fighting at all! They both were absolutely loving those things.

The kids get some fruit and juice too at certain points in the day. (My two love nothing more than they love a snack so this is right up their street.)

The staff are so lovely and friendly. We’d had a wee bit of a toilet mishap when I was there and they were just really helpful; pointing me in the direction of the disabled toilet so I didn’t have to deal with the disaster in one of the small ladies cubicles.

The Extra Info

  • Reidvale Adventure Play Area is open Monday 2pm – 4.30pm and Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm – 4.30pm. It’s also open Monday to Saturday evenings from 6pm – 8pm.
  • There are toilets at Reidvale, and a disabled toilet with baby change.

The Cost

The cost for entry to Reidvale Adventure Play Area is 50p per child. This includes the snack they get.

The Verdict

Reidvale Adventure Play Area is a really wonderful, community driven wee place right in the heart of Dennistoun. There’s so much for kids to do at RAPA and there’s loads of space for them to just play and be kids. It’s 50p entry and it’s a space where I can just let my kids run free. Definitely worth a wee trip east for a play here!

Full opening times listed below:

Reidvale Adventure Play Area – RAPA – is located at Garfield St, Glasgow, G31 1DW.