It’s the little lady’s favourite today: Baby Sensory. And it’s French week! (Pity her head is too gigantic for that little red beret her auntie brought back from France…)

Each week has a different theme. We’ve had messy week, pirate week, cowboy week and under the sea week plus loads more. The class is in 3 parts. First you have the song singing; it’s sickly sweet with a cherry on the top, but the babies really like it. (The hello song is imprinted on my brain). Each song has an activity to accompany it. There are shakers and scarves and bells and feathers and light up balls bouncing around on sheets and bubbles and balloons and crinkly bits of paper and all sorts of other things I can’t even think of.

Then there’s some free play time in amongst the toys. The play area has a ton of baby toys, including a little baby ball pool, puppets, walkers, a tent and an activity table amongst other things. Lots of people use this time for feeding (breast, bottle or solids!) and changing too.

Then it’s back into the circle for a few more songs and activities, and finally the goodbye song.

The Cost

Your first class is free. After that it costs £6 per class.

The Verdict

Baby Sensory really is a fantastic class for babies. They all absolutely love it. You can even learn a few things yourself (we do a bit of baby sign most weeks in the class). Miriam, the class leader is great with the babies, and she’s so friendly.

The only slight thing I would say as a negative was that this is the one class we go to where the other mummies aren’t quite as warm and friendly as I’m used to. But my little lady loves it so much and gets so much out of it that we keep going back anyway.

The best thing about the class though: there is so much for the babies to experience that it completely tires them out. For hours!

Baby Sensory takes place in locations all around Glasgow. We go to Baby Sensory on Cresswell St, just off Byres Rd.