We’ve been going to Bounce & Rhyme in the Mitchell Library for the past month or so.

It’s exactly what it sounds like it’s going to be: a group of parents & babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers sitting singing songs and nursery rhymes whilst the babies get bounced on your knee and the toddlers attempt to escape from the kids area, and there’s a story at the end. The one in the Mitchell is run by a staff member, but I think maybe a few are run by mums.

Bubs usually lasts about 20 minutes before I have to feed her (even though I fed her just before leaving the house) but I can just stay in the group and feed her there. Everyone’s really friendly and I’ve met some lovely mummies in the past few weeks.

The Cost

It’s completely free. And you can get a book out of the library (also for free) whilst you’re there.

The Verdict

You should all go to your local Bounce & Rhyme, or Bookbug if you’re in Glasgow South or East Ren or somewhere else! It’s totally free, and it’s a great wee group to go if you just need to get out of the house!

To find a Bounce & Rhyme near you check out the Glasgow libraries website.