We met some baby buddies at Eastwood Pool recently. I’d heard rave reviews about it from some other mummy friends, so we had to check it out!

The Pool

There are two parts to the pool area. There’s the main swimming pool with lanes for doing some real swimming or lessons, and a larger unlaned area for general swimming & perhaps a bit of play if it’s not too busy.

The other pool is a smaller play pool area. There’s a splash pool, a slightly deeper pool for kids and two little slides between them. The slides are reasonably steep – I don’t think I’d let my little lady go down them by herself just yet, but perhaps some more gallus toddlers would be up for it!


The kiddie pools were closed when we were there, so I actually have no idea what the temperature is, or if my little lady would even like them. I’ll report back in the future! The main pool wasn’t too cold for her though and when I asked for a pool noodle (which I was informed by the lifeguard is actually called a woggle) he happily obliged.

The Change Rooms

The change area is pretty much the same as any of the Glasgow Life pools. It’s super slippery though. I slipped and almost fell whilst carrying the little lady, and I was only carrying her because she was like Bambi on ice and really couldn’t walk. At all.

The showers are right next to the pool edge, as they all tend to be these days. (I’m only mentioning this because it’s something I just hate; it means I can’t even really wash my hair in case my little terror takes a running dive into the pool that’s only a few metres away).

The Cafe

The cafe is quite nice. There’s a good selection of food including soups, paninis, salads etc. We had one of the paninis – it was pretty good. Reasonably priced too.

The Cost

It’s £3.90 for adults and £2.30 for under 18’s. The little lady was free (I’ll need to check what age they start paying though).

The Verdict

The kiddie pools look really excellent. There should definitely be enough there to keep the littles entertained for a good while. We’ll be back to properly check it out though and make sure!

Eastwood Park Swimming Pool is located at Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock, G46 6UG.