If you’re in town and need something to do, GoMA (the Gallery of Modern Art is perfect for a wee indoor run around with the toddler.

We were meeting a friend in town for some grub & decided to let my little lady roam free for a little while before we headed to the restaurant where she’d be strapped in a high chair for an hr or so. (Yes, I know; a high chair for an hour? Oh the humanity!)

glasgow-goma2 glasgow-goma4

Anyway, I’ve always loved GoMA. And it turns out it’s actually pretty good for toddlers & parents. Yes, she loved twanging the elastic rope around some of the exhibits, and was more interested in trying to see out of the window past the closed blinds than looking at anything on the walls. But I liked it!

She LOVED the drawing area. We spent most of our hour there just, you know… art. 🙂

The drawing area also has books to read, scissors & glue, and you can pop your art up on the wall when you’re done. It’s fun. For all involved!

Glasgow GOMA: Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AH