A lovely mummy friend organised a Mummy Massage Meetup last week. It was my first Mummy Massage Meetup experience, and man, was it nice!

Firstly, you might ask what on earth a Mummy Massage Meetup actually is? Well, it’s basically a playdate: a regular playdate for the babies/toddlers/kids, but with a half hour back, neck, head & shoulder massage for all the mummies! Whilst each mummy is getting their massage, the others can all help look after their little one. Easy. Add in a few cakes or scones and boom, you’re almost having a spa day…

Leanne is fantastic. I like massages to be quite deep – get right in there & get those knots out – and Leanne did exactly that. Great massage, and even though I have a gazillion knots in my shoulders I still found it relaxing! She is also lovely, which is a bonus.

I’d been invited before to a few MMM’s, but I’d always been a bit apprehensive about how well behaved my little lady would be for her friends mummies while I was away getting a massage. She was absolutely fine though. She honestly cared not a jot that I wasn’t around for that half hour. And even if she hadn’t been, I know and trust that my friends can handle pretty much anything. (Also, I was in the next room!)

The Cost

It’s way more affordable than a spa day. (And a spa won’t look after your kid for you.) It costs £20 per person, or £15 if there are 4 or more mummies. It’s really amazing value for a half hour massage with childcare!

(Leanne also does 1 to 1 massage sessions which are £20 for 30 mins, £30 for 45 mins and £40 for a full body treatment which is about 75 mins. And she’s qualified to do prenatal massage too.)

The Verdict

The kids were all perfectly happy and safe with the other mums while each of us got a bit of relaxation, pampering & downtime. Honestly, it’s a win win. I loved it, and it’s such a fantastic idea. I’m hosting the next one!

What My Friends Said

  • “Great having a really good massage in the knowledge that your kid is having a grand old time with their friends.”
  • “It’s a great refresher to gab with friends and have a little time for yourself to relax your mind and body. It gives me an extra skip in my step for the week.”
  • “It really is such a treat to spend time with your friends and kids whilst also having the opportunity to be a wee bit kind to yourself too. Leanne is really lovely, looking forward to the next time!”