Our “Visit every park in Glasgow” challenge (not a real thing – just made it up to give us a reason to do something) that I started back at the beginning of January was hampered a bit by the ice and the freezing cold and the distraction of sledging for a good few days and the school from home that some days feels like it will never end…

But getting outside the house is a lifesaver for me at the moment, and once we’re out there the kids love it too. Even though they tell me they want an indoor day every single day. 😂

There are approx 100 parks & gardens in Glasgow. I couldn’t find a list, even on the council website, so I sat with a map & made one. I’ve shared it in a separate post for anyone who’d like it. (But if anybody has ever found a list hit me up because I’m sure I’ve probably missed something!)

Anyway, we’ve managed quite a few thus far. Still got a long way to go but the ones pictured below have been some of our faves up to now. More info to follow on all of those we’ve been to, but in no particular order our top 10 of the past few weeks are:

Hogganfield Park & Local Nature Reserve
Early Braes Park
Elder Park
Springburn Park
Alexandra Park
Holmlea Park
Dams to Darnley
Bellahouston Park
Mount Vernon Park
Glasgow Necropolis